Law of Marketing

Course Code
BL 413

3 hours
[(BBA Junior or Senior) or (non-Ross Junior or Senior)] and (BL 300 or 302 or 305 or 306)

Law of Marketing --- This course is an overview of the legal and ethical issues related to marketing strategy. The course explores the legal and ethical issues raised by the marketing function, from product development, to distribution and promotion, through sales and service. Topics to be covered include the strategic protection of intellectual property, antitrust law, franchisor-franchisee law, constraints on commercial speech, regulation of unfair or deceptive advertising, consumer protection law, and liability for defective goods (warranty and products liability law). The course is designed to build upon knowledge that students gained in BL 300 or 305. The goal of the course is to provide students with the necessary tools to make informed decisions when confronted with legal questions regarding the marketing function. The emphasis is on the prevention of legal liability and disputes and the use of the law to create orderly, defensible business decision-making.