New Product & Innovation Management

Course Code
MKT 425
3 hours
  • Winter 17
  • Winter 18

New Product and Innovation Management --- This course is designed to focus on the new product development process which is key to the success of any organization. The course will expose students to (a) creative techniques for idea generation, (b) fine-tuning these ideas to develop products and services that meet specific consumer needs, and (c) testing the feasibility of these ideas. The course uses lectures, cases, and outside speakers. Moreover, the course includes a project wherein student teams need to use the creativity techniques covered in this class to come up with new product ideas and perform a concept test to evaluate their feasibility. The course will be useful to students interested in product/brand management, management consulting, and entrepreneurship.

Taught By
S Sriram
  • Associate Professor of Marketing
Sriram’s research interests are in the area of brand and product portfolio management. On the issue of brand management, he has studied topics...