Richard Bagozzi

Dwight F. Benton Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Professor Emeritus of Marketing

MA University of St. Thomas 2005
PhD Northwestern University 1976
MBA Wayne State University 1972
BSEE Kettering University 1970
MS University of Colorado 1969

Honoris Causa, University Lausanne, Switzerland 2001

Honoris Causa, University of Antwerp, Belgium 2008

Honoris Causa, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Norway 2011

Senior Fulbright Hays Research Scholar, University of the Saarlandes, Germany 1981-1982

Distinzione onorifica di UFFICIALE dell’Ordine, “Al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” 1998 

Medal of Science, University of Bologna, Italy, 2013

Thomson Reuters recognition for ranking among the top 1% most cited researchers between 2002 and 2012.

Professor Bagozzi does basic research into human emotions, decision making, social identity, ethics, theory of mind, thoery of action, and neuroscience.  This work has been applied to the study of consumers, patients, doctors, salespersons, managers, military officers, and organizations.  He also does research into multivariate statistics and its relationship to measurement, construct validity, theory, hypotheses testing, and the philosophy of science. The methods he uses include experimentation, survey research, and qualitative research. Recently he has investigated biological bases of manager and consumer behavior by use of fMRI and EEG analyses and genetic and hormonal methods.