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Episode 707 – MBA Life in Ann Arbor

In this episode, hosts Alex and Claudia welcome guests Maria Fernanda Guerrero, Tony Nikolov, and Daniela Perez to discuss what life is really like in Ann Arbor as an MBA student or partner. They discuss various living options, resources to help in your housing search, favorite things about living in Ann Arbor, dealing with winter weather, hidden gems, and much more.

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About the participants

Hosts and Producers: Thomas De Clercq and David Amorim

Guest Panelist: Christina Weiberg, Eric Hopfenbeck, Marjace Miles, Jeff Church, Jerry Won, and Ramu Annamalai

Executive Producers: Eugenia Collins, Thomas De Clercq, Preston Hill, Mikayla Terrell, and Bob Needham

Audio Engineer: Jonah Brockman