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LATEST: Michigan Ross BBA Class of 2022 Sets Record Highs for Job Acceptance Rate, Median Base Salary, and Median Total Compensation


The newly released BBA employment report from the Ross School of Business details record-setting data across multiple categories for the Michigan Ross BBA Class of 2022. 

An all-time-high 99.6% of Ross BBAs accepted job offers by Sept. 30. Their record-setting average median base salary of $90,000 represents a 15% increase from last year. In addition, their median total compensation of $97,000, an increase of 12% over last year, is the highest on record. 
Financial services was the top industry destination, with consulting and tech rounding out the top three. The report also shows the emergence of data analysis as a desired function, while roles in social impact and sustainability remain of interest, with 10% choosing to pursue positions in this area.  
BBA graduates accepted positions at some of the world’s most sought-after companies — PwC Strategy&, McKinsey & Company, Pepsi, Nike, and Microsoft — with a significant presence in other notable hiring companies spanning industries and functions. Four out of five BBAs accepted jobs on the East Coast, West Coast, or in Chicago. 
“We are proud our 2022 graduates leveraged their skills and experiences to land jobs — with record-setting numbers — in their chosen industries,” said Heather Byrne, managing director of the Career Development Office. “This report shows an evolution of our students’ career interests and the breadth of opportunities that are available with a Michigan Ross BBA degree. As always, our team remains committed to supporting and facilitating our students’ varied career pursuits.” 
The new report also looks at the employment data for summer internships held by the Class of 2023. BBAs interned at more than 300 companies in 2022 with many of the same highly desirable employers, such as EY/Parthenon, Apple, Bain & Company, Morgan Stanley, and Google. 
“The strength and versatility of the Michigan Ross BBA degree continues to put our students in demand at some of the world’s leading companies, demonstrating the value of their investment in a Michigan Ross education,” said Norm Bishara, associate dean for undergraduate programs. “With this strong academic foundation, students are able to design their own unique paths to find work meaningful to them and position themselves for future career success.”  

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