Emily Siegel

Emily Siegel, MM ‘18

Excelling in Hospitality

Emily Siegel’s interest in hospitality led her to begin a career in restaurant management. After working her way through management training, she wanted to advance her career, but found herself at a crossroads. Should she continue working or go back to school?

Emily said, “I wasn’t sure how to present myself, being an anthropology and art history major with a restaurant background. The MM program seemed like a good way to pair my professional interests with this new business experience.”

The Hospitality & Travel Club has been a great opportunity to explore her interests at Ross. “We talk about different avenues in hospitality and travel. Having a community to talk to about companies and trends has been really interesting. Our club president knows an alum at MGM, and she came in and gave a presentation and met with us one-on-one. "

That’s been a great opportunity here at Ross.

Emily has also found a lot of value from the Career Development Office. “The programs are really beneficial and meet everyone’s needs, which is important for MM students. We all have different interests, and there is no cookie cutter career path. There are unbelievable resources available, and everyone is willing to meet with you and help.”

Emily chose Ross for its reputation and alumni network — and she fully intends on leveraging it. “This community is so unique and special. Everyone is passionate and helpful. If you’re not taking advantage of the network, you’re missing out.”