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Blaire Moody Rideout

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

"Be unique. Be yourself."

​Blaire Moody Rideout is the director of undergraduate admissions for Michigan Ross. She’s your go-to source for information related to the application process for the Ross BBA program.

Blaire is committed to an admissions philosophy that provides access to underrepresented and under-resourced populations, and has held positions in academic advising and outreach at Ross. Her doctorate is in Higher Education Administration and her research interests focus on holistic admission review.

Q+A with Blaire:

How would you describe your role at Ross?

I make student's dreams come true by admitting them to the best BBA program in the country.

Best tip for prospective BBA student. How can someone really stand out?

Be unique. Be yourself. Don’t start a business just to get into Ross.

What is the biggest mistake BBA Applicants make?

Stretching or exaggerating your stories in the application can make you come across as someone who is not genuine. Look less to impress, but instead convey passion for your real interests and pursuits.

What is your go-to order at Starbucks?

Tall Vanilla Chai Latte

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Norm Bishara
Norm Bishara
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

"Take risks that demonstrate you can take on challenges & bounce back from failures."

Paul Kirsch
Paul Kirsch
Managing Director of the Michigan Ross BBA Program

"Lean in. Do NOT be a passive participant in your education."