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The Establishment of the Academy of Management

Professor Charles Laselle Jamison, a pioneering figure in the sphere of business management, spent most of his career at the Michigan Business School. Recognizing the importance of the evolving field of management education in 1936, Jamison proposed an organization dedicated to the support of high-quality research, teaching, and practice in the field. His vision led to the official launch of the Academy of Management in 1941. For this instrumental role, he became known as the "Father of the Academy of Management." With the onset of World War II, the Academy's operations were put on hold. However, they were revived in 1947 thanks to Jamison's tireless commitment. Since then, the Academy of Management has become an internationally recognized association for management and organization scholars.

Later in his career, Jamison would cement his legacy as a pioneer in the field of strategic management by publishing his 1953 textbook on business policy. The textbook was one of the first on the subject and showcased his invaluable contribution to the field.