Evening MBA students on a MAP project at Owens Corning
Make It Work with MAP.

Complex challenges demand creative solutions, and that’s exactly what you’ll deliver in our Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP) course — the course that defines what it means to learn by doing. Work in teams to present your best solution to companies like Kraft, Pfizer, and MGM.




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Do More Than You Thought Possible

“As a career switcher, MAP allowed me to explore a completely new industry as well as gain experience as a consultant that ended up being a crucial part of my resume for recruiting, since I’d had very little client interaction previously. I emphatically recommend MAP to every part-time MBA I meet!”

- Victoria Throckmorton, Evening MBA

Eric Satre“MAP does a great job of putting you in a position where you truly don’t think you have what it takes to accomplish the task at hand — but you have to anyway. The process of making that big push, holding your breath, and making that effort let me learn more about myself and my teammates than I thought I could from a project.”

- Eric Satre, Evening MBA

MAP Facts
MAP project - students in office meeting

MAP is a six-credit, 14-week course offered to Evening MBA students during spring/summer term. MAP sponsor companies are located around the world and can range from startups to nonprofits to major corporations. One week of travel may be required; travel expenses are covered by sponsor companies. Note that to enroll, there are some core course prerequisites.

Impress Your Sponsors

“I was really impressed by how quickly the team was able to understand a great deal of information, navigate through ambiguity, and provide us with an outstanding and ready-to-implement recommendation. I also have to highlight the professionalism of the team and how well their diversity of backgrounds contributed to the final outcome!”

- Pedro Oleiro, Head of Customer Experience, Uber Technologies Inc.

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