Jeff T. Blau

Jeff T. Blau

BBA '90
CEO, Related Companies; Chairman and Founding Partner,
Career Background

Jeff T. Blau is the Chief Executive Officer and a partner of Related Companies, the most prominent privately-owned real estate company in the United States. Mr. Blau joined Related in 1990.

Mr. Blau also serves as Chairman and is a founding partner of energyRe, a leading independent company developing transformative clean energy projects across the country.

As Chief Executive Officer of Related, Mr. Blau is responsible for directing and overseeing new developments worth more than $60 billion in virtually every sector of the real estate industry. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company, overall management of the firm, the pursuit of new development opportunities and corporate acquisitions and financing activities across all business platforms.

In his role as Chairman and Founding Partner of energyRe, Mr. Blau led the recruitment of the company’s executive management team, and continues to oversee the company's foundational, nation-leading renewable energy projects including Clean Path NY and Leading Light Wind. Clean Path NY is the largest renewable energy infrastructure project in the United States and is an $11 billion transmission-led development, comprised of a 175-mile underground transmission line and 3,800 MW of solar and wind generation. Leading Light Wind, is a $6 billion, off-shore wind project in the New York Bight.

Mr. Blau also serves on the Board of Directors of Equinox Holdings, Inc., the Central Park Conservancy, the New York City Partnership Fund, Robin Hood Foundation, Real Estate Roundtable, The Wharton Graduate School, Lincoln Center, and The Mount Sinai Medical Center.