Mark Hammitt

Mark Hammitt

MAcc '09
Revere CRE
Career Background

Mark Hammitt is the Co-Founder and CFO of Revere CRE, a networking and transaction management platform for commercial real estate. Founded in 2020, Revere supplements existing workflows by expanding distribution of deals to a broader network and providing workflow tools and automation to more efficiently close deals. At Revere, Mark has a hand in all aspects of the company including product, strategy, data, marketing, sales, finance, fundraising, HR, and operations.

Mark started his career in securities trading for the Royal Bank of Canada, working for the Index Arbitrage group within Global Arbitrage and Trading, the proprietary trading arm of the bank. Focused on fixed income ETFs, Mark helped to build the strategy from the ground up, and traded a risk-neutral, semi-automated strategy that profited on the difference in value between the ETF and the underlying bonds, hedging with equities, bonds, and derivatives. He became an expert in ETF mechanics, trading strategy logic, risk management, and market microstructure.

After his time at RBC, Mark rebuilt the strategy at two additional firms, creating the processes for consuming millions of data points in real-time, calculating continuous fair values in an opaque market, establishing relationships with broker dealers and ETF providers, navigating internal regulatory, tax, compliance, and risk processes, and ultimately launching and trading the strategy.

Mark has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master of Accounting degree, both from the University of Michigan.