Alli Neumann headshot

Alli Neumann

Class of 2023

I come from a long line of accountants, and from a young age, I watched my grandfather teach accounting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, while my father built an incredibly successful accounting firm from the ground up. I attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for my undergraduate degree, and graduated in 3 years as an Accounting major with a Supply Chain and Data Analytics collateral. I chose to pursue my Master of Accounting at Michigan Ross specifically because of the diversity at the University of Michigan, the prestige of the professors, and the invaluable connections that come from being a Ross alumni. My favorite thing about the program is hands down the people. As a student coming from a different undergraduate business school, I was worried about making friends with Ross alumni who bonded over their 4 years at U-M. Not only has that not been the case, but former BBA students have welcomed us with open arms. Our cohort has gotten incredibly close in a short period, and I cannot imagine a more incredible group of people to be surrounded by. Although I entered the program with a full-time job offer post-graduation, the Career Development Office (CDO) offered tons of assistance to help me grow as a professional. Whether my classmates were looking for a job or already had one, the CDO made sure that we had all of the necessary tools and connections to thrive after leaving Ross.