Aniket Bhatia

Aniket Bhatia

Class of 2025

Before joining the Ross School of Business, I spent several years in the M&A ecosystem. Starting as a consultant and later transitioning into an investor, I worked on deals across various industries. These experiences highlighted the importance of having a comprehensive understanding of business and a versatile toolkit for solving real-world problems.

You'll often hear this sentiment because it holds true for everyone who comes here – I chose Ross because of the people and the culture. During the application process, every interaction with a member of the Ross community stood out. The compassion, camaraderie, and the sense of community that the school instills run deep and extend beyond the classroom walls, and I'm eager to pay it forward.

I am enthusiastic about solving real business problems and making a meaningful impact. Beyond academics, I am a food enthusiast who loves experimenting with new cuisines. I'm also a music lover, always on the lookout for exciting concerts, and I enjoy hosting dinners for friends and fellow Ross students.

My journey, from realizing my dream of joining Ross to embracing life in Ann Arbor, has been an incredible adventure. I'm delighted to share more about it, so please feel free to reach out.