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Aruj Parajuli

Class of 2025

A nature turned FinTech enthusiast, I am passionate about driving social change through technologically innovative products and strategies. Prior to joining Ross, I embarked on an 8 years personal and professional journey that led me through various careers, including entrepreneurship, software development, life coaching, business strategy, and project management, ultimately culminating in a role as a Product Manager (TBD). This trajectory aligns perfectly with my long-term goal of launching my own venture focused on enhancing financial literacy and making a positive social impact through technology.

I have always been the kind of person who finds more joy in learning through action rather than musing over textbooks. Michigan Ross was a perfect match for me in that sense because of its intensive and hands-on approach, allowing me to apply classroom knowledge to solve intricate business issues, which resonated deeply with me. This emphasis on practical engagement seamlessly aligns with my preferred learning style, serving as a conduit to bridge theory and practice effectively.

I've been a tech geek since birth – the go-to person for troubleshooting tech glitches, whether it's tackling PC pandemonium or resolving fridge fiascos. If you'd like to engage in conversations about transitioning into Tech or FinTech, making a social impact, exploring national parks, extreme adventures, or photography, please feel free to get in touch!