Class of 2025

Minor: History and Entrepreneurship 
Hometown: Bath, Michigan

Hi everyone! My name is Cameron, and I am a Junior from the Lansing, MI area pursuing a BBA and prospective minors in Entrepreneurship and History. So excited to see that you are interested in Ross! 

My family likes to joke with me that I have had an “entrepreneurial bug” since a young age, when I first started to sell arts and crafts to my Nana and Bumpa. This curiosity has stuck with me, and even led me to form an e-commerce startup in high school. I have loved working in teams and being able to ideate creative solutions to problems I faced both in school and in business, and that is why Ross acted as the perfect beacon to me. Here, I am able to use and develop these skills in a setting where I am surrounded by like minded students who uplift and inspire me every single day. 

Coming from a small town, I was a bit nervous to transition to a bustling, college town environment. However, involving myself with Ross Summer Connection allowed me to befriend other members of the Class of 2025 (as well as upperclassmen mentors!) before I even set foot on campus. Involving myself with other organizations such as MECC Consulting Group and Out For Business, Ross’ LGBT student organization, have allowed me to forge lasting connections. Whenever I am in Ross, I always run into at least one person I know, immediately making my day! Joining the Michigan Pickleball Club has also been a way for me to meet friends outside of my classes. 

I have loved every moment of my time at Ross and am happy to answer any questions you may have about the college, campus or life as a student. Go Blue!!

What is your favorite Starbucks drink? I love ordering an iced caramel latte with blonde espresso and ristretto! 

Current Campus Involvement: Out For Business (VP of Internal Relations), MECC Consulting (Co-Social Media Chair & Consultant), Michigan Pickleball Club, Ross Summer Connection (2021 Cohort)

Past Involvement: Living Business (2021-2022 Resident)