Class of 2025

Minor: Real Estate Development

Hometown: Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Hey Everyone! My name is Celina and I’m a third year BBA concentrating in Finance & Real Estate. I am from Dearborn Heights, Michigan and am a first-generation Lebanese American and first-generation college student. Transitioning from highschool to college was an unknown but exciting experience for me, and the Michigan and Ross communities helped make it the best time of my life! 

My greatest advice is to come to campus open and ready to experience new things! Whether it be taking spontaneous trips to the Arb with friends, applying to a business club, or even just introducing yourself to the person sitting by you in the dining hall, step out of your comfort zone and do so! I encourage you to get as involved as possible and explore your interests because now is the time to find yourself and figure out what you like. And believe me, there is a never ending stream of resources coming from all over, just for you. 

If you have any questions or just want to chat, please feel free to reach out! I would love to share my experiences and help you however I can. As always, Go Blue!

Where is your favorite place to eat in Ann Arbor? My absolute favorite restaurant is One Bowl!

Current Campus Involvement: Vice President of Asset Management of Ross Real Estate Fund (REF), Vice President of Operations Arab Business Society (ABS), Lebanese Student Association (LSA), and Arab Student Association (ASA)

Past Involvement: Michigan Ross Enriching Academics in Collaboration Participant (MREACH), Ross Summer Business Academy Participant (SBA), Ross Summer Connection Participant (RSC), and Ross Real Estate Investing Academy