Curt Ryu - WMBA2024

Curt Ryu

Class of 2024

My name is Curt Ryu, and I graduated pursuing my WMBA with a focus on strategy and finance. After earning my Finance degree from Boston College, I started my career in South Korea as a Human Resources professional. Over time, I took on various roles within my company, which helped me realize my desire to blend and grow my experiences in finance, strategy & planning, human resources, and general management. 

To broaden my business understanding and open new career avenues, I decided to pursue an MBA. Now living in Novi, Michigan, I'm fully immersed in the WMBA program and am looking forward to transitioning into a role that combines these fields. 

The weekend commutes for classes are challenging, but each session is a step toward achieving my career goals. I’m eager to share my journey and discuss the program with anyone interested. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out. Go Blue!