Daniel Cady

Daniel Cady

Class of 2020

 I am originally from Minneapolis, MN. I graduated from the Ross School of Business in May, 2013 with a BBA degree. After undergrad I worked in the Logistics industry for two years at Coyote Logistics mainly focusing on shipment strategy for one of our largest customers - Anheuser-Busch. After Coyote I worked for both a startup and a more established firm, Arrow Systems Integration, to focus on brining new technology communication solutions to enterprise level customers. I now have worked at Google for almost three years, solely focusing on helping SMBs succeed with their advertising online, in this ever increasing digital world. I decided to pursue an MBA, and a Ross MBA in particular, to compliment my Sales and Marketing skill set. I specifically wanted to become more well rounded in Finance and Accounting, so I can confidently start my own company. The network I am developing at Ross, along with the incredible curriculum and focus on social change, will allow me to confidently start my own company and make this world a better place for everybody. I am thrilled to be an active part of the Ross community once again and I am happy to speak with any prospective student to discuss the benefits of pursuing a Ross MBA.

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University of Michigan

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Alumni ambassador
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