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David Norris

Class of 2022

I am an operations manager at the privately owned defense contracting firm ManTech International. Before transitioning to the private sector, I spent ten years as a naval officer, operating globally.

I am a seasoned professional with a diverse leadership, education, and operational background in the public and private sectors. As a project manager within the Navy, I led small and medium-sized teams in industrial and engineering contexts, fostering their ability to thrive in diverse and challenging environments.

Following that, I took on the role of an ROTC Instructor at the University of Michigan, where I combined my passion for teaching navigation with pursuing an MBA, further refining my analytical and management skills.

I have trained, coached, and mentored naval officers on various military assignments throughout my career. I also led the ship navigation course for new officers at the Mariner Skills Training Center, giving back to the Navy by preparing the next generation of officers for global deployment and ensuring they were ready to face any challenge that came their way.

I manage West Coast operations on a large defense contract and lead multiple projects across various functional areas, covering building, designing, and installing. As an operations manager, I am responsible for client interface, procurement, recruiting, hiring, business development, and financial analysis.