Dev Yilmaz

Class of 2021

Hi! I'm an FTMBA 2021 graduate and from Germany. Prior to Ross, I worked at a digital transformation consultancy in Germany.

I chose Ross for a multitude of reasons, the biggest being that I wanted to pivot away from consulting into a more entrepreneurial role. In order to put myself into the best environment for that, I knew I needed to be in the US so I started looking for graduate programs. The University of Michigan and Ross stuck out right away - being a leader and nationally recognized top 10 program across a multitude of degree programs, and having such an action-based learning methodology. Personally Ann Arbor was a perfect fit for me as well, I loved the unique mix of small college town + driving engine of Michigan. It's the reason why I chose to stay here post-graduation and still live here in 2024.

I now work for a wind energy startup in downtown Ann Arbor called SkySpecs, and have since my MBA internship. We provide professional services and SaaS solutions to wind energy providers across the globe.