Diya Roy Rambhatla

Class of 2025

As a California native, I knew in order for me to leave my beloved state, it would have to be for something incredible. And Ross is, to put it simply, incredible. I attended University of Southern California (Fight On!) for undergrad, where I double majored in Psychology and Communications. Living in LA, this opened up a myriad of opportunities in advertising, PR, and marketing space. I worked for 7 years in various roles, but most predominantly as a project manager for various advertising creative, data, strategy and GTM teams for tech clients including Nintendo, Microsoft, TikTok and Lenovo. 

Eventually, I hit a wall and realized in order to progress from managing projects and programs to managing businesses as a whole, I needed to gain a better understanding of how businesses functioned at a fundamental level. I searched for programs that had a strong background in operations alongside a culture of inclusivity and diversity, with Ross checking off every criteria I had. I took the plunge and moved across the country with my husband and puppy, Aria, who have both been loving Ann Arbor so far. 

Ross has been beyond my expectations, not only challenging me academically, but also pushing me so far out of my comfort zone personally. I’d love to chat with prospective students about and and all of the above!