Ross Headshot

Drew Cameron Davis

Class of 2025

Before coming to Ross, I resided in Orange County, California, and held the position of Director of Strategy and Operations at a startup health plan specializing in late-stage kidney and end-stage renal disease patients. My entire professional journey has been dedicated to working with Medicare Advantage health plans. Through this experience, I witnessed firsthand the significant impact one can make in this field, positively affecting people's lives. Unfortunately, I also observed the flaws within the system and felt compelled to be part of the solution. This desire led me to pursue business school, with the goals of enhancing my business acumen, becoming a more effective leader, and connecting with like-minded individuals who share a passion for making a positive impact on the world.

As I began researching potential schools, the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business stood out to me. It offers a unique blend of academic excellence, a vibrant culture, and an unmatched alumni network. Ross excels in healthcare and entrepreneurship, providing numerous action-based projects that offer real-life experience, allowing students to develop transferable skills applicable to the real world. What truly sealed my decision to choose Ross was the people—the passion and enthusiasm I heard from its community resonated with me, inspiring a shared dedication. I wanted more than just a two-year MBA program; I sought a lifelong connection, and Ross has exceeded my expectations in that regard. Additionally, as a massive college sports fan, the unparalleled atmosphere of Michigan games added to the allure.

I'm eager to engage in conversations about life at Ross, the many on and off-campus opportunities, the healthcare industry, college football, or anything related to Ann Arbor. Feel free to reach out for a chat about these topics or any other thoughts that may come to mind. Go Blue!