Edith Too

Edith Too

Class of 2025

In a society progressively enabling sustainable development, I am a passionate advocate with a keen interest in the intersection between economic advancement, social equity, and environmental stewardship. Prior to joining the Ross School of Business, I worked in the Financial Services Sector - Commercial Banking, delivering impactful projects to drive financial growth and meet strategic objectives in my different capacities. I gained extensive experience in managing credit portfolios, and partnerships with stakeholders across the MENA and East Africa regions, which further fostered my commitment to ensuring the inclusive progress towards sustainability.

So why Michigan Ross you ask? I chose to study here due to its outstanding reputation as a career-driven institution that focuses on building students holistically by allowing access to award-winning faculty, cutting edge research, real business experiences and hands-on learning experiences and a diverse student and alumni network. As a Forte Fellow, I saw the opportunity to thrive in an inclusive and empowering environment that supports women in business leadership, aligning perfectly with my career aspirations. After completing my MBA, I plan to transition my knowledge and skill set to dynamic consulting roles, supporting sustainable business growth through innovative financing strategies. 

When I’m not buried in books, you’ll find me indulging in an interesting read (well, more books I guess), globetrotting, making new friends and being out in nature. If at all you have any questions related to my experience at Ross, transitioning from Africa or any other inquiries, feel free to reach out to me.