Gabriel Urcuyo

Gabriel Urcuyo

Class of 2025

Hi! My name is Gabriel and I am originally from Managua, Nicaragua.

Before joining Ross, I worked at CSSA, a consumer goods and retail leader in Central America. My time there exposed me to a variety of roles across functions, including operations, corporate finance, strategic planning, and digital strategy. In my most recent position, I had the exciting opportunity to lead digital transformation projects, delving into advanced data analytics and process optimization software. During this stint, I discovered my passion for the intersection of technology and business strategy. By pursuing an MBA, I aim to strengthen my business skills and transition into consulting, where my goal is to work with companies across industries on their digital innovation initiatives.

Why Ross? Ross stood out to me for several reasons. First and foremost, its action-based learning approach is unmatched. There are numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in projects dealing with real-world situations. The community here is down-to-earth, driven, and incredibly supportive. Despite being far from Nicaragua, the warmth and hospitality of the people here have made me feel like home. When it comes to recruiting, there are plenty of resources and a highly organized and helpful system in place to assist you in pursuing your desired career path.

Beyond my professional journey, I'm always open to discussing life at Ross, the application process, being an international student, and what it's like to live in Ann Arbor (with a partner). We can also dive into topics like sports (especially baseball and tennis) and tech trends and startups. Feel free to reach out; I'm happy to help in any way I can!