Janaki Balachander

Janaki Balachander

Class of 2025

I was born in the United States but grew up in India, bringing a distinct viewpoint to the Ross School of Business. My journey has been defined by a passion for competitive sailing, which developed into a love for the world of business.

While obtaining my bachelor's degree in business, I gained diverse experience as a full-time employee at a company specializing in boat manufacturing. This refined my skill set and embedded the entrepreneurial drive for creating my boat-building endeavor inside my family's business.

I knew I needed marketing to make my ambition a reality. With its world-class faculty and collaborative culture, I could not have chosen a better institution than the Ross School of Business.

During my application process, I learned much about Ross by contacting various ambassadors and alumni, facilitating a smooth transition to Ann Arbor. I hope to pay it forward by being a source of information while also telling you about the enjoyable things of Ross/Ann Arbor, such as the social scene, weekend activities, and good restaurants with vegetarian options!