Class of 2024

Jay Mehta

Class of 2024

Hello there! I'm Jay Mehta, an Electrical Engineer who embarked on a diverse career journey. I initially delved into the Nuclear Industry, later transitioning to a company in the Oil & Gas sector with a presence in Nuclear and Aerospace. Eventually, I found my niche in Defense, where I currently contribute to Raytheon Technologies.

The decision to pursue ROSS stemmed from a pivotal point in my career. I aspired to evolve into a well-rounded leader, and ROSS stood out as the perfect program for honing the necessary skillset. Commencing my MBA journey in Fall 2020, I embraced a deliberate pace, balancing my academic pursuits with the joy of welcoming a baby girl into my family in September 2021. This deliberate approach allowed me to savor the best of both worlds – family and MBA.

Being an MBA student has not only enabled me to connect with peers from diverse cohorts and countries but has also facilitated my personal and leadership growth. Serving as a student ambassador, I'm enthusiastic about discussing Ross's unique culture, setting expectations, exploring options available to OMBAs, and offering insights into the OMBA life.

I'm eager to share my experiences with the various residencies, having completed the Innovation Residency in Italy in 2023, with plans to conclude the International and Transformation residencies in Chile and Germany in 2024. Feel free to reach out if you're curious about why ROSS stands out as the best program, particularly for OMBAs. Go Blue!