Joe Kargula

Joe Kargula

Class of 2023

In 2013, I graduated from Grand Valley State University to be a high-school math and physics teacher. I spent the next two years in a project based learning environment where we partnered with businesses to not only help them solve problems they may be experiencing, but to figure out what standards can be taught through the discovery of the solution. We partnered with local businesses as well as national brands to give students real life scenarios where they can apply the standards they are learning.

I decided on a career change after the two years and was fortunate enough to find a job within the Financial Planning and Analysis department at AlixPartners where I have enjoyed the past five years. In this role, I have partnered with domestic and international Managing Directors to manage the budgeting and invoicing process of their projects. My role has evolved over my time here to include supporting the development of management dashboards and identifying key performance indicators.

Because I never had formal training in business I had to learn what I know today through trial and error at AlixPartners. I used to joke about my business knowledge, saying, “rock bottom is the best foundation”. I decided that I wanted the formal business education so I can continue to accelerate my growth as a professional and could think of no better place to get the education than at the University of Michigan. It has been a lifelong dream to attend this university and I am thrilled to now be a part of this community. I would be more than happy to speak to any prospective student to discuss the benefits of pursuing a Ross MBA. GO BLUE!!

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