Vashisht Naga.jpg

L V N Sai Vashishtaa

Class of 2025

Before joining Ross, I dedicated six years to honing my skills as a Data Engineer across two dynamic organizations. In this role, I collaborated closely with Product and Business teams to develop data-driven solutions, construct analytics platforms, and modernize data infrastructure. I had the privilege of developing solutions aimed at optimizing supply chains, enhancing marketing models, and refining financial data for more informed decision-making. This journey enabled me to witness firsthand the increasing value of data across various industries and functions, reinforcing its status as a growing currency in today’s digital world.

Seeking to elevate my leadership abilities, deepen my business acumen, and acquire new competencies essential for career advancement, I set my sights on an MBA. Ross captivated me with its action-based learning approach, diverse peer groups, the renowned Sanger Leadership Center, and its truly collaborative culture. With over 60 clubs, esteemed professors, and engaging fact groups, Ross provides a rich environment for learning from a community and applying that knowledge in real-world scenarios. Finding a cultural fit was paramount in my choice of school, a place where I could thrive and evolve into the best version of myself – Ross was a shining beacon in this regard.

Interacting with Ross student ambassadors throughout my application process was an enriching experience, and I am eager to pay it forward. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about Ross, the reapplicant process, Ann Arbor, or the MBA experience in general. GO BLUE!!