Lingzi Su

Lingzi Su

Class of 2025

Before joining Ross, I spent nearly 9 years learning and working in New York. I had the opportunity to work at iCapital, an alternative investment firm that also stands as a fintech unicorn. In my role in hedge fund finance, I was engaged in a variety of tasks; developing automation features for our platform to enhance efficiency, steering the financial management of our portfolio, and overseeing the management and operation of valuation data.

During this time, I worked closely with product managers, a collaboration that awakened a deep interest in product design. This experience, coupled with the satisfaction derived from seeing a product come to fruition, sparked my desire to transition into a product management role. I am at Ross to foster this passion further, enhance my strategic thinking abilities, and facilitate this career pivot.

Outside of my professional sphere, I am a photographer with a rich experience of capturing moments at events like the New York Fashion Week over four years. I also host a podcast discussing the crossover between art and business. 

I am open to connecting and chatting about your ambitions or any shared interests. Feel free to reach out!