First week of Lionel Mufor's MBA program

Lionel Mufor Njukeng

Class of 2023

I moved from Cameroon in 2021 to kick-start my MBA journey at Ross. Before this, I worked for Diageo PLC for 8 years across several African markets, occupying roles in Quality Assurance, Brewing and Production, Innovation and Brand change, and finally as Procurement Category Manager for Raw materials and Logistics. I oversaw end-to-end supply chain across my roles, and brought to life new-to-world products, value-engineered products for market share, and tactical products to recruit and re-recruit. 

I am passionate about utilizing science and data to improve business performance by driving productivity and reducing waste. I have worked across and love the supply chain. I work as a supply chain consultant and do projects in Manufacturing, Procurement, and Logistics.

I believe that now, more than ever, the future of the world lies in the hands of an efficient supply chain, which translates to critical decisions for: 

1. Planning to avoid deficiencies;
2. Sourcing by consolidated or diversified supply (ensuring primary through tertiary suppliers);
3. Logistics and warehousing (Cost versus resilience, taxation versus importation, building versus shipping);
4. Smart Factories (manual or auto, labor or machine)

I am enthusiastic about strategy, supply chain, and business. Ross exponentially grew my competence so I would double down on your choice to attend the school. I have a few pointers on navigating the Business school scenery, so reach out to me.

My wife and 2 kids made the move with me to Ann Arbor. I am passionate about sports, a fervent supporter of Real Madrid, a LeBron-guy, and I love dancing. I won several dance competitions at Ross. I love music, swimming, reading, and real estate investments. Go Blue!