Madiha Chowdhury

Madiha Kabir Chowdhury

Class of 2025

Prior to Ross, I spent nearly 5 years in the CPG industry working in various brand management roles. The brands i managed ranged from newly launched brands to the oldest and flagship brand of the company. I also took on several non-brand related projects and activities at the same time. On a personal level, I've always tried to be involved in social work and finding ways to give back.

While working on high stakes, transformation projects, i realized i loved the thrill of being able to solve the puzzle and making an impact. I enjoyed taking on complex brand and business problems and seeing my efforts take effect in the shape of new brands, commercials, packaging, and business results. 

It occurred to me that I wanted to pivot into consulting to pursue my passion for unraveling puzzles, exploring diverse industries, and at the same time, devote some effort to a few social impact projects. Therefore i chose to go back to school and pursue my MBA.

Ross was the best fit for me for a myriad of reasons but the most important was it's people and culture. The close, collaborative community and the amount of resources to support you are incredible. Even now, i keep discovering more resources that are there to help and support me.

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