Mani Bonatham

Mani Bonatham

Class of 2023

I moved to the US from India to pursue a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. Since graduating from grad school, I have been in technical engineering roles. I wanted to pivot away from technical roles into business-related roles and that’s when I decided to pursue MBA even though I was a little late than general MBA candidates. I chose Ross after connecting with a few WMBA ambassadors to know about the program and the impact Ross MBA has created in their professional careers. It was clear from the conversations that the NPV of Ross MBA investment was good. Moreover, I have been living in Ann Arbor and it is easy for me to go to classes during weekends or attend student club sessions. The consulting and tech clubs are good and have helped me a lot in the recruiting cycle. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Undergraduate Education

Anna University (India)

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Student ambassador
Undergraduate Major
Industrial Biotechnology