Photo Marlene Alderete

Marlene Alderete Romo

Class of 2024

Before starting my journey at Ross, I spent nearly four years in the Footwear Industry, specializing in exports and logistics. During this time, I recognized a need for a deeper understanding of other sectors to optimize resources and arrive at sustainable solutions. I decided to pursue my education in an action-based program, and found that the Ross curriculum perfectly met my requirements.

Throughout my academic journey, I've had the honor of sharing a classroom with peers from diverse backgrounds. Their unique global perspectives have enriched our interactions, and coupled with the wisdom of our professors, my educational experiences have been significantly enhanced. Also, I joined the Michigan Ross Leaders Endorsement program to seize more opportunities, hone my skills, and make new connections in a diverse environment.

Upon graduation, I'm eager to apply my unique blend of academic knowledge and practical skills to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions within the supply chain.