Headshot for Business School

Medha Kapoor

Class of 2025

I’m a Dual Degree Student pursuing a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Health Informatics. I’m passionate about alleviating health inequities and operational inefficiencies in the Healthcare system and increasing access to patient care promptly and effectively. 

Before Ross, I worked in Clinical care. Having worked as a Dentist in India, I am adept at the art of patient care and management and I bring with me a provider perspective. I hope to work at the intersection of Healthcare and Business and Ross has a lot of opportunities in this space. Ross supports diverse non-traditional backgrounds and has a strong sense of community, especially for an international student like me it felt like a boon - I take pride in calling Michigan my New Home. 

I’m also enthusiastic about hiking, photography, and dessert places (Current Favourite-Yoon’s Bakery) in Ann Arbor.

Feel free to reach me if you’re from a non-traditional background, and are trying to navigate your way to Ross or want to learn about my dual degree experience at Business school and School of Information in general.