Mena Worede Melaku

Mena Worede Melaku

Class of 2025

Growing up in Ethiopia, I witnessed the firsthand consequences of insufficient health information on the lives of women. This experience ignited my steadfast dedication to leveraging technology for the advancement of global healthcare, shaping the trajectory of my journey. I played a pivotal role in a groundbreaking health-tech startup, contributing significantly to the provision of comprehensive reproductive health education and accessibility while challenging the prevailing societal taboos surrounding this essential subject. Using technological innovations to address misinformation allowed us to create a profound impact on the lives of numerous women and girls, revealing the immense transformative potential of the consolidation of the two industries. This experience fundamentally shaped my passion for leveraging technology to drive positive change in healthcare, not only in Ethiopia but also on a global scale.

My decision to join Ross was driven by its renowned status as an institution dedicated to fostering well-rounded individuals. At Ross, I discovered a unique blend of resources, including access to esteemed faculty, immersion in groundbreaking research, genuine business exposure, and hands-on learning opportunities. Moreover, the diversity found within the student body and alumni network added an invaluable dimension to my educational journey. This combination of factors made Ross the ideal choice for my pursuit of academic and professional growth.

My ultimate goal is to pursue Health-Tech consulting, leveraging the experiences I gained in Ethiopia to catalyze positive changes on a global scale. Ross's holistic approach to education aligns perfectly with my aspirations, providing me with the necessary skills, knowledge, and network to make a meaningful impact in the realm of healthcare technology.

Outside the classroom, I find myself actively engaged in the vibrant social life at Ross. I thoroughly enjoy mingling with my classmates and immersing myself in the various club events, which provide an excellent opportunity to unwind, connect with peers, and create lasting memories. This well-rounded experience not only enhances my personal life but also enriches my overall journey at Ross as I balance academics with the invaluable aspects of social and cultural enrichment. 

Throughout my own application journey, I found the ambassador program to be incredibly valuable. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the application process or if you'd like to discuss my experiences prior to joining Ross!