Mochamad Ardie

Mochamad Ardie

Class of 2016

Ardie chose Michigan Ross largely because of its mission to create a positive impact on society through business. “I have always believed that there is some role that business can play in terms of helping community and social development,” he says. “My own experience has proved that such intersection between business and community interest is possible, and the reason I’m here is because I want to learn how to maximize those opportunities.” He was also drawn to Ross’ academic environment, with outstanding fellow students and top faculty. “Ross is one of the best places in the U.S. to study about Asia,” he says. “I was so surprised when I met the professors here; they know more about Southeast Asia than I do, even though I lived in the region for many years. It is very interesting to see how other people think about the region from an outside perspective; it builds a bridge between the two communities.” He’s found Ann Arbor to be a great temporary home. “This is just a perfect setting for me to grow and develop myself,” he says. “I can go anywhere -- lots of parks, lots of places to meet to have small discussions with students from many different backgrounds. It is a very enriching experience for me.”


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