Nikhil Sharma Headshot

Nikhil Sharma

Class of 2025

I am an ex-geoscientist and have spent 7 years in South Assam, handling dangerous explosives and mapping subsurface for oil and natural gas. During that time, I've faced challenges that dramatically altered my perspective on my work and its impact on the world around me.

What drew me to Ross was its exceptional action-based learning program and the compelling sense of community. Since arriving in Ann Arbor, I've found that the community aspect isn't just a tagline; it's a lived experience. Ross truly embodies a culture of mutual support, where people go out of their way to help each other, even if it comes at a personal cost.

I'm sharing this journey with my wife, Deb, who is also a Ross MBA. We both have a passion for travel and in just the first two months after arriving in Ann Arbor, we explored Chile, New York, Miami, and Chicago. Come weekends, we immerse ourselves in the local culture, attending football games and enjoying local restaurants such as Regent's Field and Frita Batidos!

Yes, Ann Arbor is a small town, but therein lies its charm. It offers a warm, close-knit community that feels like "home". It allows you to maintain your true self without getting lost in the hustle and bustle. Especially, if you are an international, this place will give you more chance to learn about US and its customs then other fast-paced cities. 

If you have any questions about Ross, Erb, Tauber, or anything UMich-related, feel free to reach out.

Go Blue!