Pei-Hua Yu

Pei-Hua Yu

Class of 2025

Before joining Ross, I worked as a journalist specializing in covering Chinese investment and the clean energy transition in Global South countries. I had the privilege of interviewing world leaders, exploring some of the largest Chinese-backed infrastructure projects across Southeast Asia and Europe, and engaging with a wide array of stakeholders. My articles were featured in esteemed publications such as the South China Morning Post, The People’s Map of Global China, and Caixin Media, enriching discussions globally. 

My reporting demonstrated that a just, rapid transition to a prosperous and greener future in many climate-vulnerable countries faces challenges not only from regulatory systems but from limited access to cutting-edge technologies and finance. This realization fueled my intent to deepen my understanding of the business world, especially in the context of industrialized economies, and collaborate with the private sector and policy-makers to drive broader change.

Guided by this aspiration, I sought MBA programs with a substantive focus on the intersection of business and sustainability to facilitate my transition. Ross School of Business easily stood out with The Erb Institute, Business and Sustainability Concentration, and a rich array of courses, experiential learning programs, and clubs dedicated to this vital intersection.

What captivates me about Ross is its collaborative culture, a nurturing environment where the spirit of knowledge sharing thrives. My interactions with the student ambassadors during my application and pre-MBA journey were enlightening and affirming. Moreover, engaging with faculty members and fellow students continuously reveals an atmosphere characterized by support and a genuine openness to out-of-the-box ideas.

I wholeheartedly extend an invitation to reach out to me with any inquiries regarding career transitions, school selection, the vibrant Michigan Ross community, or any topics related to my professional background. Go Blue!