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Pooja Modawel

Class of 2024

I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Business Analytics from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business - Class of 2024, at the University of Michigan, developing specialized skills in statistical modeling, machine learning, and quantitative decision-making.

My consulting studio project gave me the opportunity to work with one of the world's largest providers of risk transfer solutions- Swiss Re. As a student consultant, I work on creating predictive financial risk and solvency benchmark models for 50+ insurance companies globally. This intensive project allows me to synthesize complex data encompassing 10+ years of financial statements, premiums, claims, and risks to determine drivers of bankruptcy likelihoods. This project is allowing me to leverage my analytical toolbox, including Python and SQL, to construct the integrated algorithms and data pipeline. 

Prior to my graduate education, I honed critical thinking and operational optimization abilities as an Area Manager at Amazon, spearheading new inventory management solutions and quality assurance programs for fulfillment centers through the use of workflow modeling in Amazon Quicksight. This experience enabled me to deliver significant gains reflected in employee productivity and timeliness metrics.