Class of 2025

Minor: Entrepreneurship and Gender, Race, & Nation

Hometown: San Ramon, California

Hi Hi Hi! I'm Rishika, a Junior pursuing a BBA with a focus on Marketing and Strategy, accompanied by double minors in Entrepreneurship and Gender, Race, & Nation. While I hail from Northern California, I'm in the midst of a transformation into a bona fide East Coast enthusiast. 

Interestingly enough, the world of business wasn't initially on my radar. It was through Entrepreneurship that I was first drawn into the realm. My journey started as a Girl Scout selling cookies and working the cash register at my uncle’s shop in India, but in high school I had the opportunity to build my own companies! Through this experience, I discovered a deep passion for building ideas, working with others, and being creative–all of which the business field seamlessly incorporates! I'm still thankful I found what makes me happy at such a young age. 

Ross took my passion for company-building and entrepreneurship and channeled it towards a career track that fuels my creativity and collaborative spirit. At Ross, you are constantly working with teams and enhancing your skills with the help of some truly amazing professors. Outside of class, I am able to get involved with so many areas of campus. From engaging in pro-bono consulting with Capital Consulting Group to throwing myself into spirited case competitions with the BBA Marketing Club, my days are filled with both giving back and learning in equal measure. Plus, the university as a whole has tons of clubs and groups that get you excited about meeting new people! 

In all honesty, moving across the country to a new school and state where I didn't know anyone was incredibly scary. But Ross builds such a great community of peers and professors who swiftly morph into your friends and supporters. Most importantly, Ross gives you a space to be yourself and chase the things we're all passionate about. This campus is where you truly discover who you are, and you're supported every step of the way. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of class time? Photography walks through the beautiful Michigan campus during the day, and catching movies at the State Theater at night! There’s always something to do in Ann Arbor :) 

Current Campus Involvement: Capital Consulting Group (Social Media Chair & Project Manager), BBA Ambassador, Resident Assistant (SYE Theme), BA100 Section Assistant, BBA Marketing Club, Michigan Yoga Club, Cappo Sales Track 

Past Involvement: Och Women in Finance (2023), UM-Social Engagement Intern (2021-2022), Second Year Experience (2022-2023 Resident), Entrepreneurship Leadership Program (2022 Cohort)