Professional Headshot

Samuel Chang

Class of 2022

I grew up in the small town of Bowling Green, KY and I did my undergraduate degree in my hometown. During undergraduate, I was a big part of the research community at WKU and I pursued many research opportunities. I chose Ross for three reasons: first, I wanted to seriously consider Ross as a place to continue my studies in a PhD program; second, the professors at Ross were well aligned with my research interests and very willing to support students; and third, Ross provided a very generous scholarship to support my studies. Even though I have decided now not to stay at Ross for PhD, the faculty still supported me in my decision and wished me the best on my future career! As everyone in the business world knows, Michigan Ross is a community full of diverse, motivated, and like-minded learners who have the skills and passion to change the world. But every single student crafts their own unique, irreplicable experience at Michigan Ross - our time here is truly what we make it. We are free to pursue our dreams, encouraged to engage with our peers, and empowered to make a future that we choose for ourselves. My own personal experience at Michigan Ross has consisted of enlightening classes, professional development, and personal growth with my friends, classmates, faculty, and staff that I've worked with. Even though I haven't been here for long, I've really experienced the Michigan spirit and Ross pride that each member of Michigan Ross carries in our hearts. The CDO supported me in my consideration whether to seek an industry position or continue into academia. While I ultimately decided to continue into academics, they supported me in my pursuit. They also advised me on a timeline to do my applications and/or search for an industry job.