Sergio Peschiera

Class of 2025

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, but I spent the 10 years before attending Ross living in Barcelona, Spain. Having lived in over 4 countries and 3 continents has given me an opportunity to experience different cultures and ways of living and I would love to expand that list as I thrive on being involved with different backgrounds and lifestyles.

During my time in Barcelona, I have worked mostly in Operations, ranging from logistics, reporting and continuous improvement. I love the logic and quantitative nature of the field and it's something I know I will bring to the table regardless of where I land. I am currently enrolled in the Tauber Institute and am looking for opportunities in either the Consulting or Manufacturing industry, always wanting to be close to the core of the business and driving positive change through process optimization and efficiency.

There are many reasons for why I decided to come to Ross. Ranging from a close knit community to its vibrant sports atmosphere (lead by but not limited to Saturday football games). Ross is a school that will open many doors in a wide range of industries across many territories. This may be true to other schools but the community you will be able to form in a school in which students are "forced" to hanging out with each other is unrivaled. Adding that to Michigan's breathtaking nature and impressive sports infrastructure made it an easy choice to me.

I enjoy watching and playing tennis, as well as cycling - both traveling and commuting - and almost any outdoor sport. I also enjoy playing video games and reading, although less so know that I am in business school. I love hanging out with my friends and family and that group has been significantly expanded since my arrival to Ross!