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Shivakumar Satyanarayan

Class of 2026

Greetings! I'm Shiva, currently residing in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Despite being an International student, my peers at Ross consider me as a Michigander, given Windsor's proximity to the U.S. 

Professionally, I serve as a Program Manager at an automotive supplier, overseeing a portfolio of plastic parts solutions for vehicle manufacturers. Originating from India, my deep-rooted passion for the automotive industry led me to the epicenter of this field. With overall 15 years of experience in technical and R&D roles, I made the strategic transition to program management as a means to ascend in the business world and take on leadership roles.

Beyond my career, my most cherished moments are spent with my family, especially my 1.5-year-old daughter. During moments of solitude, I delve into reading and explore the realms of politics, geopolitics, religion, and spiritual wisdom. This pursuit aims to uncover the common threads connecting us all. Through this journey, I've grown as an individual, finding inner strength that resonates in my capacity to effectively lead others.