Stefan Kim

Class of 2026

Hello! My name is Stefan Kim and I'm a finance professional hailing from Connecticut. After graduating from UConn, I went on to work for Deloitte in their Assurance and Advisory practice. Taking my training and experiences from Deloitte, I am currently the Vice President of Finance at White Birch Management, where we manage several industrial assets in the pulp, paper, and forestry space. Having been exposed to high level strategy discussions and taken part of board of director meetings. I knew I needed to improve my tactical thinking, broaden my technical capabilities, and polish up my executive communication skills. As a working professional, dad of two, and someone who genuinely enjoys meeting others and networking, Ross provides me with a world class education while being as flexible and customizeable as possible. So far, the program has already provided benefits as I've been able to apply lessons from the classroom in my work. I've also made some friends in the program to take courses alongside and root for the Wolverines together. 

Personally, I enjoy a myriad of activites. I've been cooking since I was 5 years old, and am adventerous when it comes to eating and new culinary techniques. I love hanging out in cities as well as in nature, particularly walks with my family and fishing with my friends. Sports is a big part of my life as I'll watch and/or play whatever sport is available to me (racquetball, lacrosse, soccer, and, as of late, paddleball). 

Please reach out with any questions or if you just want to have a chat over coffee. Go Blue!