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Sukjoo Hong

Class of 2025

Born and raised in Korea, I majored in English Literature and International Studies in undergraduate. I spent most of my career in advertising technology industry most recently in Amazon. By starting off from mobile advertising company, moving to programmatic demand side platform, my main focus was to provide strategic advice to the client by analyzing campaign data in various industries with different growth stages. This experience ignited a passion for strategic thinking and confronting intricate challenge and naturally decided to pursue MBA. My goal is to pivot into consulting to help companies successfully transform their business into digital landscape. During my MBA application journey, my experience in talking to Student Ambassadors and receiving genuine support from them convinced me to join Ross without hesitation.

I'm also at Ross alongside my wife, who is also pursuing her MBA. I'm happy to share that experiences, answer questions, or simply chat about life at Ross. I look forward to connecting with all prospective students. Please feel free to reach out to me and look forward to speaking to you. Go Blue!