Teddy Dewitt

Teddy Dewitt, PhD '19

Assistant Professor of Management, College of Management

My research program has three streams: The first focuses on the way that financialization can alter the structure of organizations. The second focuses on how teams and organizations make sense of and respond to rapidly changing environments. The third examines how new technology intersects with job and work design. 

Choosing to enter a PhD Program is no small thing. You are taking at least five years of your life and just focusing on one thing, and at depth. That is challenging. However, the MO area faculty and students create such a supportive and welcoming environment to navigate this challenging endeavor. From intellectual guidance to ideation support, the faculty have always been there to help me grow as scholar. I also feel very supported by the MO students. We spend lots of time bouncing ideas off each other, and we hang out at each other’s’ places on weekends. In addition, some of my particularly generous friends have even been last minute babysitters! I know that my time as a graduate student is coming to end, but I know that I made the right decision by coming here and I will be eternally grateful for all the hands the have helped me along the way