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Thimmaiah Honaganahalli

Class of 2023

Hi my name's Thimmaiah! I graduated from Ross in 2023!

In my life before Ross, I was a software engineer working at a digital ad firm. I loved my job and the work I did, but something inside me felt that there was more to life than writing complex code on a daily basis. I was fortunate to have a mentor who helped me see the forest for the trees and recommend I go to business school to broaden my horizons. Taking his advice ultimately led me to the best school in the country! 

Seriously, Ross was the best decision of my life (I guess besides being a competitive athlete but that's a whole other story). The education, the resources and the opportunities at Ross allowed me to flourish in ways I never imagined possible. But the most important part of my experience was the people I met during my two years here at Michigan. Ross supported me by putting me in touch with some of the brightest and kindest people in the world who helped enrich my own cultural, academic and professional experience on a daily basis - an outcome that is unique to this fun, football obsessed, midwestern town called Ann Arbor.

So, if you'd like to talk about Ross to figure out if it's the school for you or if you have any questions about the MBA feel free to reach out! 

Go Blue!