Tyler Finnegan

Tyler Finnegan

Class of 2017

I am a Competitor Intelligence Analyst at General Motors in the Global Market Research organization.  No, I'm not a spy, I don't do industrial espionage, and no, I don't get a shoe phone.  Sadly.  But I do get to travel the world visiting auto shows looking at all of the really cool concept cars while predicting and interpreting what the future holds for the auto industry and what it all means for GM.  Q: "You really get to do that?"  A:  "Sure do! And it's sweet."  All the while informing GM as to what they need to be aware of (and amused by) from the competition.  Prior to GM, I worked at the Tier 1 supplier level having supported Delphi's Innovation & Technology team as well as the Powertrain Business Planning operation.  In the future, I'd like to get into marketing and brand strategy.  What better place than Ross to get a top ranked MBA while staying tuned in to the nerve center of the Motor City?  

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Kettering University

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