Vraj Mehta

Vraj Mehta

Class of 2025

Before landing at Ross for my MBA journey, I cut my teeth in the mining and energy sectors back in India. I found immense satisfaction in leading engineering teams and finding smart ways to make operations more efficient. In fact, at Hindustan Zinc Limited, I led a large team where we boosted maintenance compliance to almost 100%, with zero incidents. It was there that I realized the power of good management and the need to understand the business side of things more deeply.

Here at Ross, I'm focusing my energies on Strategy and Finance with an eye toward moving into consulting. I'm super interested in helping organizations become not just profitable, but also socially responsible. I'm part of the Consulting Club and the Energy Club here, and I love meeting people who are as passionate about these topics as I am.

When I'm not delving into case studies or networking, you'll find me capturing night skies in freezing temperatures or whipping up dishes from at least six different cuisines in my kitchen. Yep, I'm all about mixing business with a slice of adventure and a dash of culinary fun! And just for kicks, I had a pet tarantula—so you know I'm up for almost any challenge.

I'm excited to bring all these experiences and interests into the Ross community, and I can't wait to learn from all of you. Let's chat soon!