Ximena Munoz

Ximena Munoz

Class of 2025

Before Ross, I spent 6 years working in marketing and communications in the Tech and Telecommunications industry for Latin American markets. Working for leading multinational companies made me realize I enjoyed working in highly collaborative teams with people with different backgrounds, both cultural and professional. I also discovered I am passionate about crafting go-to marketing plans to attract, engage, and delight customers, but I wanted to explore the analytics side of it.

I chose Ross because I want to become a more data-driven decision-maker, and the action-based learning opportunities Ross offers, combined with the rigorous academic program, are the perfect training. Moreover, the community at Ross is truly remarkable, and I could see it, even from the application process: such a strong collaborative spirit in how students answered my questions with kindness and empathy- both values that I personally cultivate, made me realize I chose the right place.

I'll be more than happy to share my experience so please feel free to reach out to talk about admissions, my MBA journey, or any other topic!

And remember, the admission process is not a sprint, pause if you need to and keep going!

Go blue!